This is my 100th Post!!

Today I dropped by my lovely friend and book editor’s office to see the proof of the Image

children’s book I had just finished illustrating. The author will get a peek, as well, and then the publisher puts in our order for copies. Very soon Molly’s Magic Smiles by Elisabeth Cutrer will be back and ready for distribution. It is a terrific children’s book, and I had such fun working on it.   I am trying to figure out how to attach a button that will take you to my Etsy site, Jayneart, one of the spots where it will be sold. I keep getting it wrong. Suggestions appreciated. Hopefully, I will figure it out soon. It will also be available on Amazon and through O’More Publishing.

While I was in Jessa’s office,  I noticed that she had a sketch of  my splash monsters on the corner of her desk. I was surprised because I had given it to her at the beginning of this project when she expressed delight at their antics. It tickled me because she has Image

kept it on her desk for more than 9 months despite everything else that passes over and through it. It is emblematic of me because it has quick sketches on both sides of a roughly opened envelope. One side has a little sketch for Molly’s Magic Smile and the other, has these goofy little monsters. She loves it because it is rough and unfinished, and  she knows that I will sketch on anything that sits still long enough. I borrowed it back from her long enough to scan it in to my computer data base and  put it in a mat that doesn’t cover it’s  rough beginnings.


11 thoughts on “This is my 100th Post!!

  1. Wow! Fantastic news, Jayne!! I always thought you’d be outstanding as a children’s book illustrator, and here it is, coming to pass– sincere congrats!! Hope it sells a million! And congrats on your 100th post, too! : )

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