Whether it is the Weather, or not?

I am not sure what happened, I published this post 20 minutes ago. It posted for a minute and then poof! disappeared. So, if I seem to be repeating myself, I apologize. Maybe I can attribute it to weird weather? The weather can’t seem to make up Its mind. One day it snows, the next it is warm and sunny; I know it is typical February and March weather. I am not fooled, but  I am always itching to get out and plant. The quick warm ups make me want to dash out to the garden store and pick up some spring flowers to plant. The poor daffodils that peeked out  and  bloomed  last week did not survive.  Today they are mostly mush. It is still winter, I think?

I sketched this little adorable boy a decade back in my newsprint sketch book, and this morning decided to add a little color digitally. The snowman blew in on cold day. Are you ready for Spring to stay, or do you think we need more snow?ImageImage


7 thoughts on “Whether it is the Weather, or not?

    • Thanks! My youngest son is forever leaving his shoes every place, but his closet. As I carried his twelves up the stairs, I thought they would be fun on a snowman.

    • Hanneke,
      Thanks, Your son must be a cutie! Is he still blonde? My sons were blonde as little boys, but got darker as they got older. My youngest who will be 18 next month has dark blonde hair.

  1. Thanks Jayne. Like your sons, my sons’ hair was yellow-blonde, but is dark now and my daughter has always been dark haired. Congrats with you’re special birthday next month!

  2. That snowman is a winner – such personality ( and with so many snowmen around, it’s hard to come up with a “new” one – but you did!)
    I’m holding off a bit on the yard work, too….there’s bound to be a little more winter hiding!

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