Santa, last minute review – gift drawing

I have been absent for a while. I hope you have been well. Our family has been working their way through upper respiratory purgatory, I think. Just joking, but we have had colds, flu, strep,  and coughs galore. Ugh. Hopefully, the end of all the crud is near.

I have been working on many things including a wonderful children’s book. Hopefully, I will have the illustrations for it finished by Christmas. That would be a terrific Christmas present for me and the author and publisher! I know they are ready for me to finish. 🙂  I wanted to popin, say hello and send you my Christmas greetings. It looks like WordPress has changed its format, so I am not altogether certain what I am doing. I would love to share a little Christmas merry making with my loyal readers and an apology for being so spotty in my posting recently. Make a comment on this blog post, December 11, 2012, and your comment will enter you in a drawing for a print of my watercolor Santa. I will hold the drawing on December 16, 2012.

If you don’t win the drawing,Image you are always welcome to drop in to my etsy shop and visit.

My gift to all my readers  for the Christmas season is 15% off anything in my shop.

Christmas Sale-  Make your order MERRY MERRY and use coupon code “15PERCENT15”  for my 15% off sale!!

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4 thoughts on “Santa, last minute review – gift drawing

  1. Oops! Looks like I got here a little late– sorry, Jayne!

    Love your Santa– ol’ Nick looks right fine and jolly– as he should, the dear old man!!

    I do hope you and the gang are on the mend– a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!! : )

    • Thank you, Mark. I am certain you must make Santa’s good list every year. You give the most kind and encouraging comments. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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