View from the back porch

My youngest son and I drove in to Florida last night, ate a late meal at Bayou Bill’s, traditionally the favored spot for our family’s first night meal. We unpacked, crawled into our beds, and slept in. I can’t sleep too late, because coffee calls my name, loudly. I got up and enjoyed my breakfast on the back porch, watered the flowers, and harvested two gorgeous tomatoes from Uncle George’s tomato plants, (I can’t wait to slice them open. Historically, George’s Florida tomatoes are fabulous.) then I grabbed my pencils for some guilt-free sketching time.

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12 thoughts on “View from the back porch

  1. Jayne – i am sooooo happy you have the Florida place and so happy you can capture your life with such vivid depictions of nature’s beauty. Roger is already excited for the guys’ weekend in Nov. Thanks for sharing sweet friend!

  2. Lovely work as usual, Jayne, and your breakfast and sketching gig on the back porch sounds truly idyllic– and I think that’s clearly reflected in your sketch. Bayou Bill’s? I don’t care what’s on the menu– I wanna eat there!! : )

    • Thanks, Mark! It is always refreshing to come here. BB’s burned a few years back and took a year to rebuild. We miss the ambiance of the old BB’s, but still love the food. And the family tradition still stands. 🙂

    • Thank you, Blaze! I love almost any graphite pencil, but also love prism color pencils. I would buy every color of the rainbow x10, if I could afford it. 🙂 They just make me smile. How about you? I noticed you use oil pastels?

      • I just love art supplies too. Every time I visit an art store, I get so excited to create! I love using my oil pastels, but watercolor is just as much fun for me! 🙂

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