And More Beach Buddies

My sisters and I are leaving the beach in the morning. It has been a lovely trip, however, the last few days have been a zoo around here. Geckos of every color and stripe, neon green, gray and white with a vivid blue racing stripe running down the side of it’s belly, black, and brownish joined us on the porch for a little sunshine, eggs, and coffee. They weren’t shy about joining our group, but were certainly skittish and dashed away if we got a little too close. After dinner last night we chatted in the dark on the back porch, and a couple of bright green tree frogs attached themselves to the group by literally hanging out above the porch doorway. They were pretty much imperturbable as we snapped their portraits with our flash cameras. This morning a wood rat raced across the gravel driveway and dove into the brush. ( I am so glad he was on his way OUT of the yard.) AND as I stepped onto the patio to water the flowers, a black snake and I startled each other. He slithered into the bushes, and I screeched. The sisters were inside, but they heard me and because they were safely inside, they felt free to chuckle. I do not like snakes.

We spent one last gorgeous day on the beach. A fair number of folks took advantage of the perfect weather and joined us. Our nearest neighbors on the beach were some grandparents with three small granddaughters. The little girls were fearless and plunged joyfully into the chilly water to snorkel and paddle. I was lucky enough to get a few sketches in. Here is one of them.

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