Santa, last sighted in Franklin, TN

Yesterday, my 16 year old son was out of school due to a teacher inservice day.  We were sitting at a red light while on our way home from a college planning meeting when he looked at the car beside us and blurted out, “Santa Claus”. I turned, looked, and saw that my son was 100 percent right. Behind the wheel of the car next to us was a red-shirted elderly gentleman with a fabulous white, chest length beard and a face that even without the beard could have been none other than THE jolly old soul. Mrs. Claus sat next to him in the passenger seat. I wanted, so badly, to take a photo, but it was clear that he and Mrs. Claus were travelling incognito and probably would not appreciate papparazzi style photo sessions.

Now we know where Santa heads after Christmas and what he drives to get there. Santa heads to the  beautiful South in a black Mitsubishi Montero to enjoy all the great sights and sounds in Nashville, TN, USA.

11 thoughts on “Santa, last sighted in Franklin, TN

  1. The beard, the glasses, the blue hat and this warm look. Absolutely joyful. Santa certainly deserves a holiday. I wonder who spots him next.

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