The Rabbit Races – Always a Sign of Spring

I battle the bunnies every year. In truth, there is no battle. The bunnies win, hands down. Early in the spring when I first start to see them dash across my lawn, those cute little destroyers would fit in the palm of my hand. Rabbits (remember Peter Rabbit) are notoriously bad tenants, but it seems we root for the bunnies. I won’t call them the underdogs because the rabbits around my garden end up fat and happy. They love pansies and petunias as much as I and can munch their way through a huge mass of pansies in far less time than it took me to plant the flowers. The squatters are so much at home that they invite their friends, the squirrels and chipmunks, to the party. Everyone always seems to be having an uproarous time at their picnics, except me. Okay, don’t share my secret, but there is a tiny, very tiny, part of me that enjoys their antics.


23 thoughts on “The Rabbit Races – Always a Sign of Spring

  1. Beautiful bunnies!!!! I’ll show Lori!

    The ones that bother me are moles! They never show themselves and entertain you, just make a right old mess of the garden!

  2. Tell Lori I send thanks back to her. It is treat to see her talents and hope you post more. I also love her most feminine response. I have three sons, and while I love and enjoy them, at times I long for girl-speak. 🙂

    • Keeping bunnies away from all the goodies in the yard would be the million dollar answer, wouldn’t it? I will tell you if I find the answer, and you tell me if you do. 🙂

    • I can see liking bunnies and deer, but I still don’t like moles. They do way too much damage. The moles are lucky they have you “rooting” for them. (Sorry, could not resist the pun.)

  3. Love the bunnies! They eat my garden too and run in front of my car. I brake for bunnies. Xoxox, k
    P.s. love the mat cutter! It’s beautiful thank you! Will try it out in the next few days-buried in pprs for school. Much less fun than art.

    • Kristin,
      You are welcome. Have fun with it. Can’t wait to see your future projects. Although I can’t imagine how you get anything into your schedule beyond school and eating, I hope you get some refreshing creative time worked in.
      xoxox back to you!

  4. Your drawing looks like the cute little cottontail bunnies we have at the cabin. The rabbits that eat the garden at my house are the big jackrabbits – not nearly as loveable!

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  6. Bunnies and deer win the battle in our yard too. Oh well – I figure it’s their backyard too. Your bunnies are pictured so sweet.

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