Mermaids and Waterbabies

I spent the past week at the beach in Florida  with some of my family.  We sat on the beach, shopped, read books, watched Les Mis, UP dvds, and ate very well. It  was a great week.

One very hot sunny day late in the week, my son, Cullen, and I joined a fair number of  folks who were enjoying the surf, sun and sand. Normally there aren’t too many people around  where we visit the beach, and while the serenity is wonderful, I don’t feel as inspired to sketch much.

Murphy’s Law rules because on the day there were lots of interesting sketch ideas (people) was the one day I forgot to tuck my sketch book into my book bag. I used what I had, magazine inserts.

I did a few little quick sketches of Cullen and a few

other folks, but there

were 2 little girls, about 4 and 6 years old, who spent virtually all of their time in the water. I could have watched them all day. They were so delightful and such waterbabies that I felt inspired to draw my own waterbabies, these little mermaids.


8 thoughts on “Mermaids and Waterbabies

  1. Beautiful water babies. I’m sure you remember a time when you were a water child too, be it the pool or the beach. 🙂

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