Today was a fishing day. I walked this morning and near the end of walk saw a  Great Blue Heron. It flew in, landed on  a log, and just like a gymnast on a balence beam, made its way to  the end where the  fishing was better. Most of the time birds just don’t stick around long enough for a good portrait, but apparently this heron had not had breakfast and the clicks and whirrs of our cameras did not cause it to panic and take flight. Like any good fisherman, the heron wore a an extra “fly”  ( the ever present cicadas) on  its vest as a back up for bait.Just this afternoon there was more fishing going on. Actually, I think this kind of fishing is spelled phishing. I  got a call from an out of area number, and the gentleman, who spoke broken English, identified himself as being with Windows 35 and said that my computer was having a problem with viruses. I asked which computer? He said, “The one you use the most.” I have to admit to being a little irritated as I said, “That is ridiculous”, and hung up the phone.  It was such a poorly crafted attempt that it seemed a little like the the old telephone joke 3rd and 4th grade kids used to entertain themselves before caller ID. Ring, Ring. -Hello? Is your refrigerator running? It is? Well, you better go get it. HA HA HA – HA!


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