Today I met up with a group of wonderful longtime friends  to lunch and celebrate birthdays, but first we stopped off at one of the friend’s mini farm to visit with the critters. We wanted to see and photograph the babies before they grew too big. The farm boasts  chickens, cows, goats, dogs, and bees. The cows  were curious and came crowding in pretty quickly.

Joanna ventured out in the pasture trying to encourage the youngest member of the herd to come in a little closer.  All the rest of the heifers loved following her around, but the young cow could not be persuaded come out from the clump of trees.

The goats were only interested in seeing what the commotion was about before they  went about their “goat” business.

After an initial bout of shyness and generous gifts of bread crumbs, the rooster, hens and chicks gathered ingiving us a few quick poses for the camera.
The rooster made sure to let us know when we got a little too close.Youngsters are always up for a good game of follow the leader – especially when the leader knows where to find yummy bread crumbs.


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