The Gift Is In The Wrapping

I had to share my morning. My Radnor walking buddies, aka The Deer Friends, know that every walk is a gift, but some days are just extraordinary. Today was such a day. It was an overcast morning which my photographer friend has taught me is the best day for taking photographs. We knew from last year’s walks that the Larkspur’s  entrance en masse was due any time, and a few early arrivals have already made an appearance. We knew generally where to look on the path because last spring  we started walking on a regular basis at Radnor  just about the time the Larkspur were finishing blooming. Even knowing what was around the bend, we still gasped with surprised delight at the riot of Larkspur blanketing forest floor. Great splashes of  deep purple swept around the trunks of the trees and up the hillsides.It is easy to take off on flights of fancy and imagine fairy celebrations. I can picture the little folk grabbing dutchman’s breeches for wedding garb and heading to the nearest hollow log  to let it serve as a back drop or impromptu stage for a fairy wedding. 


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