Patience’s Beauty

Spring is here! Officially, it came in on the 20th. It has been gorgeous. The flowering trees are putting on a spectacular show. I  attended a lovely luncheon at a friend’s home yesterday, and when we drove in to park, we were near to overwhelmed by the beauty of some blooming cherries in the yard. I grabbed my phone and pointed it up so that I could take away a little piece of the wedding splendor.

Pastel blossoms are everywhere, but I am also seeing masses of richly colored flowers, too! I am always amazed at how Spring seems to happen overnight. Here are some more blooms to add the mix. This is a pencil drawing I did last week. I am titling it Patience’s Beauty. I scanned it in to my computer and altered the colors and made some gorgeous personalized notecards.

They are available on my etsy shop web site.

magentatangerineand lime!or all of the above!

And since everything is hopping in Spring…I am including a greeting card that lets you know

Somebunny loves you – Bunches!!

Happy Spring!!!!


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