Real Beauty

Today is my beautiful mother’s 75th birthday. She is so much more the the sum of 70 and 5 years. She is many things, but I think the perfect description of her would be family-centered. She is a beloved  daughter, sister, wife, mother of 5, Grandmother of 10, Great-grandmother of 3- soon to be 4. Family gatherings excite her the way nothing else can.

We will have a nice celebration in a month or two. Our family had planned to formally celebrate her today, but she is recovering from a bout of  newly diagnosed Trigminal Neuralgia. Her neurologist has started her on a medication which has potentially troublesome side effects, but should really help to control the TN symptoms and make life much more pleasant.The short version is that her facial nerves have gone haywire, and she is struggling with pretty significant pain.  Things are improving, but she wants to wait until she can fully enjoy and appreciate her party.
HAPPY 75TH  BIRTHDAY, MOM!! Hope you feel much better, very soon.
These pictures are of my guys and  just a little taste of where she always would like to be – and that is standing close and hugging any one of her family members.


7 thoughts on “Real Beauty

  1. what a precious daughter you are, Jayne.. to create a lovely tribute like this to your Mom. I,too, wish her a wonderful wonderful birthday!!!
    love much –

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