The eyes have it!

Last Friday only 2 of our  group of regulars were able to walk at Radnor Park. We saw great things!

We delighted in the beauty of this stream and the icicles that draped a sheer and sparkling curtain  along the fallen branch.The busyness of the stream provided a lovely contrast to the smooth lake with its mirror-like reflection of the sunrise.

We chatted and were keeping a good pace when suddenly my friend stopped, her eyes widening with what seemed to be alarm. I turned around to look ; she had spotted an owl perched on a  branch, out in the open and so close. We held our breath as we turned on our cameras, expecting the owl to fly off at any second. We rarely spot owls, and when we do, they are usually reclusive and standoffish.

Mr Owl was very congenial,  swiveling his head around to look, pose, and give us different views.

I expect  Mr Owl thought we were pretty exotic looking ourselves, wrapped, gloved, and hatted, with only our eyes peeping out.


10 thoughts on “The eyes have it!

  1. OH! How neat is this!!! You brave girls out in this cold weather. I’m glad you were all bundled up. Owl was too cold to leave his warm spot I guess.
    and you obviously did not seem a threat to him/her. Love this post.

  2. Thanks, everyone.
    @Shara, It is gorgeous, isn’t it?
    @Linda, Owl’s feathers were a bit fluffy, so I bet you are right. He was cold! 🙂
    Thanks @lightdance. We missed you, too.
    @Judy, Mr. Owl was pretty big fellow. I also have a little video of his rotating head, but I haven’t figured out how to make downloading videos work.
    @Martha It is always an adventure.

  3. Jayne… your ‘peepers’ look like Mr Owl… but your scarf is prob more colorful round your neck than his feathers! Enjoy the warm up ahead 🙂
    Love your lovely sketches!

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