Every walk at Radnor is novel, and  we are always charmed.  We frequently spot deer

and love to make note of the changes in weather and vegetation.

Today  our walk was different, the normal peace  and serenity of the woods was disturbed.

About midway through, we came upon a loud and raucous sounding  party.

The turkeys were out and literally crossing our path in great numbers. We guess-timated that there were at least a hundred in the flock.

The Toms came first; fluffed, preening, proudly displaying in grand runway style. Each paraded and  then stopped periodically to perform regally slow turns that allowed onlookers to fully take in the splendor of their outfits.

The hens followed along behind, but once they caught up with the fellows exercised their feminine prerogative and retreated back the way they came.

We pulled out cameras and began rapidly snapping pictures. 

We thought that we would soon scare them away, but the turkeys were caught up in their show and really paid us little mind.

It seems the flock must know thatThanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are past and they have no worries for the next few months.

Wonder where the all those turkeys hide the rest of the year?


2 thoughts on “Fanfare

    • No turkeys, huh? 😉 Sorry I could not resist. There are soooo many puns available to use with turkeys. I tried to send you the video, but it was too big and just wouldn’t go.

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