Where does your troll live?

Most trolls are somewhat shy and live under bridges, inside hollow trees, and behind broken down sheds. My troll hides in my bathroom, deep inside the drawer where I keep my hairbrush. I am not sure why he took up residence there, but his main goal in life is to give my hair some extra fluff, frizz, and fuzz. Now most of us would decide that he is being mean to routinely mess with my coiffure, but the truth is that  he thinks a bouffant, fly-away hairstyle is truly chic and is sharing the joy. I just don’t have the heart to let him know I don’t feel the same, so I think a brazilian blowout is needed.  I don’t want to have to hurt my troll’s feelings.

My troll

If you want pictures of this cute little guy, I am printing up cards on my etsy site, just in time for Valentines.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day early!!
Enter the drawing for a free package of Valentine Troll notecards.
Package of (6)4.5 x 6.25, blank inside, greeting cards featuring prints of my orginal artwork


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