Today is J-Day!!

Time to celebrate!

Today, January 7, 2011, is a very special day.

It is J-Day. No, J does not stand for January.

It stands for J Hawkins. Not me, but my father, JV Hawkins, and  grandfather, JD Hawkins.

James Dillard Hawkins was born on January 7, 1899.   JV Hawkins was born on January 7, 1933.

Today Daddy is 78, and Daddy Hawkins would be 112.

My father was the sixth of nine children.

Lily and Dillard had 5 girls before JV was born  and three boys after he was born.

JV was the first boy in the family and  born on his daddy’s 34th birthday.

I bet everybody in his family was grinning on this day 78 years ago.

Happy Birthday,  Daddy.

Happy Birthday, Daddy Hawkins.

Daddy Hawkins and Momma Hawkins otherwise known as

J Dillard Hawkins   and  Lily Gentry Hawkins

21 year old JV overlooking Paris from the Eiffel Tower.

(Taken during his army tour of duty when he was based in Germany.)

Bettye Jean Parson and JV Hawkins on their wedding day

May 19, 1956

Thanksgiving, 2010

JV and Bettye with kids; Carol Scott, Cynthia Wells, Grant Hawkins, Jayne Williams, and Judy Fye.

Birth order was Cindy, Carol, Jayne, Judy, and Grant.

ps. Grant wasn’t born on his Daddy’s birthday, but he was the 5th child, born after 4 sisters.

I know everybody was grinning on the day he was born, too.

Don’t you think he looks a lot like his dad and granddad?

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10 thoughts on “Today is J-Day!!

  1. Thanks, Linda!

    Update …Okay – I needed a proof reader before I published. In the earlier edition, I left out one of the sisters and added a brother. Whoops. Well, it did tie into Grant’s birth order a little too well. 🙂

  2. Tooo cool! Love the story, Jayne. Your Daddy is rock handsome!!! and, i lvoe it that he was born on your grandpa’s birthday. What a wonderful story board – thank you for sharing your family – all whom we know and love! Great Thanksgiving family pic. Your Mom looks wonderful too.
    love to all.

  3. I love this Jayne! I think it is AWESOME! I just saw it this morning when I got to work.
    Indeed, again, Happy Birthday, Daddy & Daddy Hawkins. We love you.

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