Winter’s Frills and Lace

The Deer friends walk three times a week. We walk in nearly all types of weather except heavy rain and lightening. It usually takes us a little over an hour for our trek around Radnor Lake. Sometimes it’s more because we always take time to stop and enjoy the Park’s changing beauties. Miss Radnor dresses in a winter’s wardrobe of frills and lace.. I am not too sure what kind of beautiful black berries this tree has draped over her arms. Trees lean gently over the lake to view their beautiful reflections.  Even in the coldest, iciest weather we see stalwart, committed souls, like ourselves, who come to walk and take in Radnor Lake’s glories. Most of the time, what we find scattered on the park floor is natural.

This day there were few walkers on the path, so my theory is that we were so quiet; we  came right up on a Leprechaun  and startled him right out of his socks.. .Perhaps he was racing off to grab his hidden treasure which was squirreled away deep inside this hollow log. Hollow trees abound. Some rest on the ground, while other stand firm.This old trunk looks for all the world like an Indian chief placed his headress on top. I am ready to see what the next trek brings.


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