Antique Auction

For Sale:

Well travelled, smoking hot, vintage Tupperware caketaker. 26+ years. Features a unique window, recently installed. Chocolate chip cookie crumbs optional.  Bidding is now open.

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2 thoughts on “Antique Auction

    • It was me. Evan was cooking some pasta in a small pan on a large eye, so I was telling him to match the size of the pan to the size of the eye. I hit the wrong switch nad did not pay attention that some unknown person had put the cookies on top of the stovetop in the island. I found out really quickly that tupperware plastic makes a good thick white smoke. We also found out that plastic-smoked cookies do NOT make for tasty cookies. Evan was funny once the smoking started, he backed up, threw up his hands, and said “I didn’t do it!”

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