Winter Wear

Since last Spring, I have been meeting with friends, 3 mornings a week, to walk at Radnor Lake.

We have been delighted and amazed, because each day the park presents a different face.

The abundance of Spring and Summer and the glories of Fall are gone, but Winter at Radnor is neither bleak nor bare.

The trees branches are free of leaves, but not unadorned.

Icy patterns are everywhere…


and seeing Radnor’s wintery flourishes inspires…

Time to dress our home and bring a little of the outside in to celebrate the Season.

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Sending you a heart felt wish

for a joyous, blessed, and merry Christmas.


4 thoughts on “Winter Wear

  1. Jayne- love that you see wonderment and joys through your nature walks in the winter. Roger’s mom, Geneva, always enjoyed trees in winter the most of any season. I see the same beauty in bare branches. our willow outside borders the frozen and snow covered river, with the most beautiful blue skies overhead today.

    wish i was close enough to make your Radnor walks!

    love and creative joys to you !

  2. Your Christmas decoration are beautiful. Could we see your Christmas tree? The lake photos make this bitter-cold weather a little easier to bare.

    Love, Judy

  3. Judy,
    Thanks! Of course, I will go take a photo of the tree and post it.
    It is still snowy and icy here, but the kids went to school this morning. It was exam day for Cullen – Biology and English. He says those are his 2 toughest subjects.

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