A little more Venice

Okay, I guess blogging is more about writing than about pictures. I am more about pictures – especially right now when I could overwhelm you with photos from Italy. My pictures tell the story of our trip, but it takes forever to download, even just a few pictures. I guess you are safe from Italy  picture overload – for now, anyway. Fair warning, if you come for a visit…. This is a super fast impression of Venice. Scott and I sat down at one of the many outdoor cafe’s to take a short rest, I sketched while he took an espresso break.Of course, he had to try some of the pastries.

After dinner we strolled and then ducked into this restaurant to check out their Scott/ Tiramisu rating. The accordian player had a beautiful voice and played well. I don’t think he spoke English, and we had no Italian beyond grazie, buon giorno, and buona sera, but he conveyed his interest in a tip very well.

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4 thoughts on “A little more Venice

    • It is just a quick, unfinished sketch in my sketchbook. I did not plan to frame it. Thanks for thinking good thoughts about it. =-)
      I will bring the photos. xxoxo Can’t wait to see and visit with all!

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