Cool Serenity

Wooo! This Summer has been so hot, much hotter and more humid than in recent years. I am  contemplating moonlight watering and weeding. Even my early morning watering rituals are so hot and humid that I end up frazzled and soaked in sweat. I am one of those persons who looks like she has had an encounter with a rabid water hose when I go out in the heat and humidity. This is a post of my charcoal drawing of my lovely friend who looks not only calm and serene, but beautiful in the heat and humidity.

The white azaleas have that same elegant, cool, and fresh feel.

These are early spring photos of my flower garden.

It looks cool and inviting.


7 thoughts on “Cool Serenity

  1. Love the photos of the garden. I know it’s very hot while you are doing your early morning watering, but it’s well worth it. thanks for the peek into your home.:-)

  2. Jayne: Love all the awesome barware!!!!!!! Will be posting on Thursday pm after my last big test!!!!!!!!!!!!! And jewelry is so fun and will be wearing some to a wedding next weekend. Thank you for thinking of me, Much Love, Kristin

    • Wander in anytime! I looked for the fountain for a long time, before I finally found what i wanted. The blue makes things fresh even in the hottest parts of the summer.

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