Personable, portable, and pursed

If you are a woman; it is likely that your personality is tied to the purse you carry and what you carry inside. What do you put in your purse? My purse can compete with the best, even Mary Poppins’  magical carpet bag. My purse is frequently so large that sometimes I think it can and does swallow entire planets. It could be a black hole in there, but I think the culprit is a time travel machine. Things I know are in the purse, but cannot find, will turn up right inside days later.  I love a big purse.  I rarely use much more than my keys, lipstick, and my wallet, but relish the thought of being prepared. I guess going through the small child/baby stage where my bag also performed many functions like toy box and diaper bag has made me adverse to down sizing. Sometimes  I also tuck in a sketchbook, tissues, pencils, camera, water bottle, small novel… The list could be endless. One thing I haven’t yet carried in my purse is a small dog.   Who knows; even that could change. For the next few days Matt is baby sitting Snoopy, a friend’s  elderly chihuahua.  She is blind in one eye from a cat scratch incident and her coat is grizzled with gray hair, but she is interested, alert ,and polite;  very ladylike and personable. Wonder if Snoopy would like a ride?


Pastel of a vintage purse from my Mother-in-law’s collection


4 thoughts on “Personable, portable, and pursed

    • Snoopy is a sweetie. My photo isn’t even mildly editing, I wanted to get rid of the background distractions quickly and just show Snoopy. She doesn’t bark, she does have these quiet little grunts. Funny.

  1. A girl can never have enough handbags. Big or small give me more handbags! I carry a piece of luggage, as you know. 🙂

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