Are You Well Suited?

Our world has some very strict conventions.  One of those is  that conversations among women during late Winter, Spring and early Summer must  include “the swimsuit search lament”. I personally haven’t bought a new swimsuit within the past six years. I would rather wear my faded, pilling, and collapsed elastics vintage model than go out shopping for a new and “improved” version.  Yes, I have looked. The search is long and hard, and so far, unfruitful.

Those brave souls looking for a real challenge make choices from catalogs.  Bravo! I, too, thumb through those pages,  but  my insides quiver with the thought of the unknown, so I just can’t take the plunge and order… The rest of us (me) peer fearfully into the swimsuit sections and hope to catch a glimpse of that perfect suit.  If I am lured to pluck a suit off the rack and take it into the dressing room, I take a deep breath, and say to myself,  “Okay,I’ll only try this one on and then I’ll be OUT OF HERE”.  Because  WHO  would want to take their leisure in the swimsuit section?  Hours, maybe days later, I wander out totally defeated. There is no such thing as the perfect swimsuit. I even went to Hawaii about a year and and a half ago with my tried and true.

There are multiple reasons for my indecision; i.e.  veins, lumps, bumps, and bulges that suddenly become  highly visible and apparent in a swimsuit.  We all worry that  when wearing our beach wear that a wicked one in the general vicinity will pull out their camera and record what we finally bought.   Heaven forbid that someone actually captures a  posterior view for posterity. Oh, I shudder to think  – can’t go there, I am feeling faint… With all this in mind,  I just designed a most suitable suit. 😉 It has miles of coverage and no worries about riding up. It slides delicately past all the offending lumps and bumps and sports a lovely pattern and great contrasting detail. What do you think?  Can I take your order for the perfect and most gracious swimsuit? :- ))


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