What Do You See?

Waiting and keeping company with q-tips, tongue depressors, and cotton balls.

Middle son, Matt, received a terrific gift not long ago. It is a book called An Illustrated Life. I love it because it is filled with a wonderful variety of artist’s sketchbook pages. My “sketch books” have been everything from traditional sketchbooks, spiral bound notebook paper, typing bond,  newsprint sketching pads to the jeans I wore.  According to An Illustrated Life there is no one right way, but I am resolved to use and carry a small, archival, sketch book.  So many times I am struck with the impulse to draw, but don’t have the material available.

Thursday I spent my entire afternoon at the doctor’s office; which is creatively, a pretty sterile environment, nevertheless found an interesting still life. 🙂

I am and have always been a doodler. My notes in school  were generally framed by small sketches or doodles, and   I was  embaressed if asked to share my notes. The thought process used to be that doodling was a mind wandering distraction, and one should refain. Now, there are studies out that say doodling actually improves retention of information. I’ll go with that!  I think of  the caves and cliff outcroppings,  where doodlers felt compelled to leave their marks and those doodles are still around for the rest of us to view and enjoy.


4 thoughts on “What Do You See?

  1. Jayne – talented one–
    i am going to look for the Illustrated Life — it sounds perfect for you and Matt — adn I dooooo hope you publish these great drawings and the ‘musings’ that accompany them one day. I love to hear where artist’s ideas and inspirations come from. And , also LOVE a ‘DOODLER’ 🙂

  2. Something happened to the subscription I put in Google Reader,so I had lots of fun things to catch up with from you. I’ve re-entered it now, so keep the drawings and musings coming! -k-

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