Wind and Waves

Today Cullen and I , and  Angie, Carter, Lucas and Westin McClanahan are in sunny Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. We drove in late Sunday evening. We had a lovely drive except for the last 25 to 30 minutes. Snoopy’s  infamous “It was a dark and stormy night..” seem appropriate. We drove through a driving rain and more lightning than I can remember seeing at any one time. Monday morning dawned bright and beautiful, so our stormy weather start didn’t last long. We have already had 3 downpours in addition to the one that escorted us in, but none have kept the sun away for long.

Today the wind buffeted us and the waves.  Cullen and the 3 McClanahan brothers enjoyed jumping yellow caution flagged waves, and the wind enjoyed grabbing our beach umbrellas and sending us sprinting down the beach behind to retrieve them. Once, I dove flat out into the sand in hopes of catching my spinning umbrella, and I am almost sure I heard a giggle as it rolled past my outstretched hands. I jumped up and raced after the runaway, finally reclaiming it from a man who caught it as it blew past him. We decided we had enough cardio for the day and would endure the full sun instead.

This is a small acrylic painting of a beach in Hawaii, but I thought it was appropriate for today.

  a photo of the water and Cullen…

It has been a fun day so far.


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